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July 26, 2011


'Glee' Star Jayma Mays Battles Little Blue Man in Her Toilet in 'The Smurfs'


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I battled a little blue man in the toilet one time, found out the next morning that it was just a vodka induced image? No more of that stuff.

Blue Man Poop

Ah, that would be the new character Floaty Smurf.

song... in my head... must find another song...

*snork* @ clankie!

Man, she sounds really annoying.

*Makes mental note to stay far away from Glee*

But,, that's only a first impression. I'm sure she's a very nice, sane, down to earth person.

I have a crush on NPH too.

It wasn't THIS guy?...

Anyone else notice the lady in the Ty-D-Bol commercial not only was talking to a little man in her toilet but was also wearing pantyhose with her sandals?

I'm really disappointed it's not Snooki in the toilet.

All you have to do is sink their little blue boats.

There's a little blue man in my toilet!
Taco Bell strikes.

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