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July 27, 2011


Glendale Man Tries to Remove Hernia Using Butter Knife

(Thanks to klezmerphan, Jen I and Jeffrey Brown)


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According to my high-priced expert consultant (nursecindy) a steak knife is the proper tool for the job.

I wanted to create a fake book cover to use on the train:
Coronary Stents for Dummies

My fear of the copyright infringement police keeps me from fulfilling my dream.

you don't remove a hernia, you stuff it back in and sew up the opening. and what was the cigarette for? cauterizing?

Speaking of medically treating yourself; does anyone know why congressmen decline colonoscopies?
They don't need 'em. Their heads are far enough in that they can look for themselves.

Absolutely Jeff. I thought everybody knew that. I think it goes without saying to not try this at home.

Also if this was an inguinal hernia and did not receive proper surgical treatment it could strangulate and you could wind up with peritonitis. In other words your boo-boo can get infected.

Me thinks he will be recuperating on the 5th floor of the hospital. Probably for a long, long time

I think the expression "dull as a butter knife" applies to his thought processes.

Amateur. Sharp machete.

i think i sent that in last week. doesnt matter, the guy doesnt have much in the cabeza anyway.

He "would likely receive the hernia operation performed by real doctors sooner than he expected."

Dunno why everyone's implying he's several cards short of a full deck. Sounds like his cunning plan was a success.

Don't let the Republicans hear about this; they'll try to have butter knife surgery adopted in place of "Obamacare." Suture self.

SNORK@ Steve...

Major SNORKage @ Ralph!!

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