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July 23, 2011


New York Is Awash in Poop

(Thanks to funny man)


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Oh joy sewer swimming.

I'm gonna pee a part of it, New York, New York.

Maureen O'Connor, you are awash in language

Yeah, this has been going on for two or three days. Let's just say I wouldn't be swimming off Staten Island, but then that's always true so never mind.

It's particularly bad at turdy turd and turd.

Lol, Ralph.

The Big Crapple?

"He didn't know how to swim, but he went through all of the movements...."

'If i can make it there...'

DOO dah DOO dah

Snork @ Joe in Japan.

I see the New York Department of Tourism has been issuing press releases again.

I'm Leavin' it in NY today...

Did anyone drop their cellphone in there?

New York is full of sh!t? I dont's see how that's news.

Fetid Puddle of Poo WBAGNFARB

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