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July 26, 2011


Clairvoyant finds peeing soldier's smart stick

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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she had ESPee

Glad to hear he relieved himself in a nearby bush.

Maybe she can find that missing snake linked on the page, probably in the bushes also.

So all this time the first letter in USB was for "urine"?

So, there's a clairvoyant woman, loosened clothing, and now she says she found his "smart stick"?.. Woo-hoo!


I would have guessed fire hydrant.

They're smart?

Darn! my son's Swedish sister-in-law will use this as another affirmation of new age BS.

"Smart Stick"? That's what they are calling it these days? Certainly a better euphamism than 'my junk' or 'my package'. Just saying. :-P

A pee'er seer.

What Polo Ralph Lauren Pas Cher said.

While exercising dumb stick soldier lost smart stick.

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