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July 26, 2011


Allegedly intoxicated Florida man attempts to drive car over Hornell footbridge

(Thanks to Maryqos)


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"Allegedly intoxicated?" What do you have to try to drive over to be "pretty probably intoxicated?" Oprah?

hornell is a pretty dull town tho, so this was excitement!

Ummmm... my s-i-l did this up here in the dead of winter. In fact, she couldn't get down the far side, so she had to back up over four lanes of traffic to get off the bridge. She felt she was legal because she kept her headlights on the whole time.

She wisely made me swear never to repeat the story to any responsible adults.

Robert Klein did a funny routine about getting off the train from NYC on arrival at college in Hornell. Apparently the cows outnumber the people.

Hey! I see NO signs calling it a footbridge. Maybe at home he drives a smart car! (Drunk)

"It looked wide enough to me...really (hic)!"

Where exactly is the Hormel footbridge?

Sargeat Sausage? I don't get it.

church retreat, dead of winter. 3 to 4 inches of fresh snow. me and three others pile into a car and head to the main building of this camp-like place we rented. first night, unfamiliar with the general geography. only a little wine. anyhow we turned onto a foot path and didn't realize that we had done so until we got near the 'lodge' or whatever and saw that the 'road' we were on went directly onto the building's porch.


Well you got to park really close! I like that!

Well if you are too drunk to walk...

Those New Yawk charges sound awfully complicated.
I was near the prosecutor when a guy in our little town in Kentucky was brought in to court.
The prosecutor asked the guard what the charge was?
"Being a dumb sh!t," was the whispered reply.
That 'bout covers it.

push the spammers off the bridge...

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