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July 25, 2011


Urine doesn't ease jellyfish stings, after all

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Again, better to be p!ssed off, than p!ssed on! (Is that rain, or are you peeing on my leg?)

I guess I should stop offering to pee on people walking past the Elbo Room during jellyfish swarms.

Nah, that's silly talk.

I always yell this fact out before getting in the ocean. Just in case.

I'm so glad we can put this myth to bed.

But I guess that means you better take Vinegar to the
beach, just in case.

Tell the kids not to play with jellyfish also, and no, no matter how "cute" they can not take it home.

Urine doesn't help? Well, pi$$ on it, then.

And in other urine-related news...

I guess I'll have to find another excuse the next time I walk into the Copa Cabana wearing a certain odor.

As for me, I will continue to pee on my friends. I'm that kind of guy.

*Un-friends hogsatemysister on Facebook*

One last urine update: The TSA never learns.

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