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July 25, 2011


The Splendiferous Barfing Cup

(Thanks to Damon Daniels)


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That is totally moronic... but since I laughed so am I, I guess.

i'm gonna make one with a butt!

This is a guy thing, right?

lol - let's see the flip side:

(_!_) etc...

oops sorry mud - gmta....i guess we went cheek to cheek?

Filmed at a Taco Bell, not doubt.

A technicolor yawn?

So juvenile, yet so funny...

I saw Splendiferous Barfing Cup open for Hole back in '99.

Brought to you by the Harvard PHDs working at 7-11.

Is that an example of soda boarding?

How do men think of things like this?

Because we will always be naughty little boys at heart, nc.


nc just used the words "thinking" and "men" in the same sentence.

NC it's in our jeans genes.

If Dave Barry ever had a TV show, this would be the opening lead in set to some type of music. (Maybe Doris Day's QUE CERRA ?) I laughed hard.

So this is what FOX NEWS cameramen do in their spare time. Explains a lot!

I also am confident that the most likely spot was a
Taco Bell.

May I suggest the new improved logo?: Fair, balanced, and juvenille.

October 18, 1967.
That's all.
October 18, 1967.
And a pint of cheap vodka.

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