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July 27, 2011


Pastor thanks Lord for his 'smoking hot wife'

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Why isn't she in the picture, though?

"The Bible says laughter is like a medicine"
I thought that was Reader's Digest....

I cast he really needs to cast that mote out of his eye...or get stronger glasses.

I saw part of the prayer on the news. I have to admit it wasn't like the pastoral prayers I have heard before, although I kind of like the idea of including brand names as an option for increasing revenue.


What if, compared to all the other women in Lebanon, Tenn, she really is hot?

Remind me not to visit Tennessee.

(I did once and survived.)

Dear Funny Man, I live in Tennessee, and I say unapologetically that I am smoking hot (and most of my female friends here are, too).

I think it's great that a pastor can be real about the love he has for his wife and is not ashamed to say something that may sound silly to the rest of the world. It sure beats all the stories of late of pastors caught in sex scandals.

On a serious note, Gentlemen, you have no idea how far an over-the-top compliment to your wife in public can get you. Please tell them every day you love them and think they're smoking hot. I didn't know my mom was going to die on Saturday, and I wish I had told her more often how beautiful she was.

"pastor thanks Lord for his 'smoking hot wife'"...

as we all do, right gentlemen?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And for the great majority of us, that is a very good thing.

Sorry to hear about your loss, Minx. You're absolutely right.

Thank you, Siouxie. Everyone has been so kind.

You gotta love Nascar where Father, Son & Holy Ghost means Richard Petty, Dale Jr. and Dale Sr.

I've heard a lot of these Nascar invocations over the years and appreciate the way some of them really hang it out there. This pastor was just workin' it a little more.

Sincere condolences, Minx, to you and your family.

Yes, Minx, so sorry for your loss.
My parents died so long ago that it is sometimes hard to remember the immediate grief. And that, on its own, should be a comfort; things will get better.

I might, Mud, but I'd have to see a picture of his wife first.

My parents are wonderful people and clearly still love each other after almost 60 years. But the thought of my pastor father saying something like that -- even in private -- I simply can't imagine.

Thank you for the reminder, Minx. My condolences.

Blessed are the greasemakers.

Uglier than a bowling shoe.

Good Lord, Minx, the SPAMMERS are quoting you. I'm so sorry to hear about your mommy. I lost mine 3 years ago (almost) and have the same feelings. She was the most beautiful girl in high school (which explains my Dad's love for her), and I had the prettiest mom in the neighborhod. When I look at photos of her when she was young, I wonder how Dad dealt with the all the head-turning. But beyond that, she was beautiful inside too. No one ever went without if my mom knew about it, and we were constantly taking baskets to neighbors. Mom would let us play outside longer for this chore. She may be gone in body, but I feel her spirit near me every day. I miss her terribly, but I talk to her via the open line from Earth to Heaven often. Big hugs to Minx. I would really like to just sit with you and hold your hand as you go through this. (Sorry for length, but it's a very touchy subject with me.)

My deepest sympathy, Minx. Mothers are always there in spirit even when the physical has passed away. We know how much our children love us. Be kind to yourself and my best wishes to you and your family.

Thanx so much, Eli and Annie in Texas. You are very kind.

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