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July 23, 2011


1) Someone thought it would be a good idea to create an entire tv program on The Potato? Really?
2a) On Miami Vice, Sonny drove out of the parking garage at the Miami airport, directly onto the streets of South Beach. Crossover from Bewitched?
2b) Parking garage car chases are the rotary phones of the car chase world. Here in 2011, cars going faster than 20 MPH would be airborne every 30 yards.
3) Thundercats HO!
4) Who on earth would purchase a product called "Snap-on Smile"? (Note to self: See if The Blog wants to purchase one for the Gift Guide.)


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I agree completely, judi. However, I'm more baffled by the infomercial people who cannot crack an egg without getting it all over the kitchen, scoop kitty litter without getting it in their hair, or answer a phone while wearing a blanket without sleeves. I'm an early riser and have learned to just turn the TV to BBC America. Their news is very good and they don't have all the fluff you find on the other stations.

nurscindy, you'll love this tribute video to infomercial incompetence -- starring the Beatles.

*snork at Will's youtube link*

But wait, if you call within the next 30 minutes, we'll DOUBLE your order........

I loved that video Will! I forgot about the man that couldn't put his own shoes on and if I remember correctly Gilbert Gottfried was the announcer for that product. His voice, imho, is more irritating than fingernails on a blackboard. I really liked it when the woman, who obviously cannot operate a garden hose, squirted herself in the face.

I HATE, yes HATE that commerical from Bose where the kid is yelling about thermo energy.

He would be in his room until September if he ever yelled at me the way that brat is yelling.

Now I feel better!

Judi, I'd never` heard of "Snap On smile." I live in Kansas City, and apparently not everything is up to date here.

I can't believe it! Fake teeth made to look like your real teeth, so presumably you snap on the fakes and can smile better. The cost? Only $4000 a set and they last only four years, based on my research.

So for a $1000 a year (4 years' contract) you can have Snap On Smiles. And don't be fooled, for $49 is the sign up cost, not the total cost.

I think a better solution, certainly cheaper, is

and just for equal time, if you want your teeth to look worse, try this...

Judi, I love watching movies and TV shows that defy the laws of nature like that Miami Vice. The general idea is, most people don't live in Miami so won't know the difference.

Like the Blues Brothers movie where they jumped off the freeway ramp in Chicago and landed in Milwaukee (or something like that). Or Jack Bauer driving around a traffic-less Manhattan.

Coconuts, I believe it is a law that all infomercials must include this line:

"But wait, there's MORE!"

"Give us your first born child and we'll TRIPLE your order. Just pay the outrageous processing charge."

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that or something like that...

If you wait a few weeks after the infomercial it usually shows up at Walgreen's. Not that I've ever bought any of that stuff. Except for the Slap Chop. And a Snuggie. Also the Pedi-Paws. And maybe some Oxy-Clean and Sham Wows. But other than that I do not buy that junk. I would like to add that after buying the Slap Chop I still didn't love Vince's nuts.

I guess it's not really Snuggie weather now, is it cindy? But did you get a PedEgg?

Yes I did, Jeff. I have got to stop watching so much TV.

On the rare occasions when I watch television and flip by an infomercial, I always wonder, "What did they GIVE those people before the host showed up?"
Whatever it is, I want some. Of the pills, not the products.

Pretty much the only tv I watch is Turner Classic Movies and occasionally a repeat of "Spiderman" on HBO. I can't deal with commercials of any kind. It was an epiphany to get XM satellite radio in my new car - no commercials in the car anymore either!

Few people realize how fascinating potatoes really are.

Wasn't She-ra the Thundercats' Ho?

I have never bought an infomercial product. The closest we've ever gotten is a Total Gym bought for $20 at a yard sale (does it count if a seen on TV product really works, 99% are crap). For jollies, if I can't sleep, I do like watching the overnight knife sales.

...you changed the channel from Miami Vice?!!

snork @ sandy (i did, but i came right back after the commercial was over) ;)

LOL-funny, Judi!

I have the entire run of Miami Vice on DVD, ripped to my hard drive with HandBrake.

But the only time I went to Miami, about 4 years ago, I got out of the airport and immediately drove to Ft. Lauderdale. On 95. You people are lunatics on the freeway, BTW.

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