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July 25, 2011


Dutch tourist caught stealing a cowbell in Bavaria

(Thanks to Chris Elzi)


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A passer-by witnessed the theft Friday and detained the tourist until police could get to the scene. They weren't waiting for the police, they were waiting for the farmer to bring over the irate cow!

Christopher Walken is Dutch??

We surrendered, of course.

Bizarre. I heard it was a "gift' for his wife.

Needs more...well, you know.

I though the Common Market and the Euro were going to solve all these problems

Ask not for whom the cowbell tolls...

Hans Clinker

"tourist" and "tairist" sound very alike to me.

Exactly, Diva!

He misunderstood the term "go Dutch."

Someone stole his clapper

(Sorry about the 8-bit soundtrack on this website. Think cheesy detective show background music)

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