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July 26, 2011


Cowboys Training Camp Begins Tomorrow--Local Strip Clubs Rejoice

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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After "two-a-days"? They will not have any energy left. Urgh....

I have a feeling a lot of Cowboy wives and girlfriends may put their foot down.

Key phrase: It last for a lot longer than most events.

Now I'm curious....

*snork* @ PB and Annie. I think the "lasting" may be related to the "two-a-days"

Hope they have the Right Guard handy

I don't know, Cindy. Football players are like eight hundred pound gorillas. They can do anything they want, and it's best to stay the hell away from them.

Throw them a spammer to bounce around like luggage.

Now the spammers are stealing comments.

Time to make Sac Longch@mps a tackling dummy.

Make the spammers listen to Jerry Jones for an hour......and they'll run away fast.

The Cowboys used to train at St. Edwards University in Austin a few years back. Strangest thing....a strip club opened up 2 blocks away. Cowboys + strippers.....ah, that just seems to make sense.

Cowboys + strippers, perfect together.

Is this anything like that new movie about Cowboys and Aliens?

I hope the bedroom scenes aren't too explicit.

Don't the Cowboys have some cheerleaders they can look at?

Now I understand why we have not had a super bowl winner in DFW for years. Except for the winner of last years game but ONLY because they played the super bowl here.

Save a horse....etc.

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