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July 27, 2011


South Korean scientists create glowing dog

(Thanks to cyberick and Danielle)


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What could possibly go wrong?

If they did it right, it should be easier to clean up after in the dark, too!

North Korea immediately responded with TV and radio press releases stating they, not South Korea, had mastered this ten years ago.

WHen asked for proof, they reminded the reporter that
Il Jong Kim had a wonderful meal.

$3 Million for a beagle? Almost makes Ozzie's $10K for a dog seem like a bargain.

But how does this affect the taste?

Shoot, we've had one for years.
"That Joey," we say, "he's a flaming idiot."

Great. Like Paris Hilton needs a new pet.


Service animal for people with night blindness...

Wait a minute. "the gene...can be substituted with genes that trigger fatal human diseases". Have your Homeland Security people heard about this?

This one glows green; they already cloned the ones that glow red.

Someone needs to apply for a grant to see if these could be used at raves or for traffic control.

Snuppy and the famous glowing WWI Flying Ace...

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