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July 25, 2011


A Chinese man found singing in poo had to be pulled from a sewer after he dived down a manhole in an attempt to avoid a fight.

(Thanks to Anil Haji)


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Incredibly, he was holding a dead hedgehog...

Yuan Fan got into the stink...

'The sh!t hit the fan'

I was thinkin' the Fan hit the sh!t. :D


confucius say: 'man who sing in poo have sh!tty voice'

Methinks it had something to do with the fake Apple store in Kunming we read about on the blog earlier.

And surprisingly, alcohol and walnuts were involved.

"I'm sorry, M'am, but your husband fell into the beer tank."
"Oh, my goodness!. Is he all right?"
"We think so. He's gotten away from us three times already."

*SNORKS* all around!

"When we woke him up he made his thanks again and then set off in the direction of what we assume was his home..."
...where his wife later claimed not to know his whereabouts, and a neighbor remarked on the sudden doubling in size of her compost pile.

Singing in the RAIN.

Way better.

Was it mousie dung ?

[slight pause then the light dawns]
*snork* @ Clankie

No...he's gone to his celestial reward

I know what that rescue squad guy is thinking: "They do not pay me enough to deal with this sh!t."

*snork* at the spammer.

*snork* @ markhh *snork*ing @ the spammer

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