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July 25, 2011


Before his arrest, Solchenberger was accused of stealing a truck in Wausau, crashing the truck, and then stealing a bike. He next fled police on the bike and then abandoned the bike to continue his escape on foot, and finally swam across the river to avoid arrest, Marathon County Sheriff's Lt. Randy Albert said.

(Thanks to Sharon)


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Sooprize, sooprize, alcohol was involved!

The usual Wisconsin triathlon consists of weaving, flopping, and staggering. This guy is obviously some kind of health nut.

This is MARATHON County, d@mmit!

W-A-U-S-A-W. Wausaw. When you need to escape, isn't nice to know Wausaw has it covered?

(Disclaimer: Town is not related to the Insurance company.)

He has a wonderful future behind him.

Reminds me of a late relative with his own problems with alcohol. He also crashed a stolen truck after pawning the contents and drinking up the proceeds. He first served a term in county jail for "drunk driving without a license." He wrote to another relative, "I didn't know I needed a license to drive drunk." (It took a long time and much hitting bottom, but he did get straight.)

funny man: sorry, but the town and the company actually are related. Intimately. It's not the ideal Wisconsin relationship, that honor belongs to Stevens Point and Point Beer ("It isn't just for breakfast anymore!")

And this was ALL done without the benefit of an X-box. There is hope for our young people!

This guy will be hosting his own reality show by spring

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