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July 26, 2011


Men use 'sniff test' to tell clothes' cleanliness, survey shows

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown and Matt Filar)


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I'm looking forward to other shocking surveys from this company, such as "THE POPE: He's Catholic" and "BEARS: They S**t in the Woods."

yeah, underwear can be worn for 3 days if you turn it inside out...

The implication here is that there are other ways to tell cleanliness. I'm not sure I believe that.

Take a whiff, pull it on, and your day is filled with the perpetually pleasing fragrance of mustard. What's the downside?

The sniff test? It's amazing, the miracles Febreze can work...


Actually two sniff tests: Before and After we spray Right Guard onto the clothing.

The other 50% hand the shirt to a significant other and say, "Here, honey, sniff this and see if it's clean enough to wear."

*snork* @ hogs, who obviously remembers Dave's exquisite exposition on Collegiate Unlaundry techniques. Dave...what was that theory about molecular compression forcing the dirty clothes at the bottom of the pile to become clean?

For your info, I just did laundry yesterday.

I use the Mrs. Layzee "You're Not Wearing That Again" method.

When reusing...yellow front - brown rear.

It's still better than having such sensitive olfactory equipment that one can tell what an electron had for lunch.


Dave, there should have been a WARNING before we were subjected to a picture of Kathie Lee's mug.

Just sayin'.

Page 2 is probably the "news" about the guy who left his shoes at the in-laws.

No buts or IFFS
we men SNIFFS.

And I do laundry in 2 piles: White and Not White.

I would like to add that I'm not a segregationist. Just lazy.

My significant has 3 piles, work clothes, not work clothes and other.

How does that work, Annie. Wouldn't the first two piles end including all the clothes? Or is the last pile for towels, and sheets, and stuff?

Anything that isn't on the outside or would not exactly qualify as 'clothes'.

For example, his mom who lives about 3000 mi away and still thinks she can dress her little boy, sent him a pair of khaki colored jeans she found on sale. He hates them on sight, but they came from his mom, what to do? They have been at the bottom of the 'other' basket, still with tags, since the day they arrived along with shirts he doesn't like, stuff he only wears if he absolute has to dress up,etc. But let me toss one of his favorite t-shirts in that pile, "HEY, I WEAR that!"


At one time in my life I did buy some new socks so I wouldn't have to sort through and pair up my old socks.

I bet you just were having Walmart Withdrawal, cindy.

I had my Walmart fix for the month today, Jeff. One of these days I'm going to shop in a better store like Kmart.

Nursecindy, maybe don't set your dreams so high, considering the debt crisis.

Costco sells socks & underwear by the bale. Laundry once a month. Just smelled my shirt from today, working outside, in 93º heat & humidity. It has a bouquet, but I can wear it outside again tomorrow.

Depends on if I'm working on the farm in Kentucky or laying around the beach in Florida.
If I'm splitting firewood, I can wear the same thing three days in a row.
Wood doesn't care.
And so long as I have a maul in my hands, nobody else better, either.

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