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June 10, 2011


They're regal.

(Thanks to this blog's Cousin Jane)


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I LOVE that! Is it Cousin Jane's dog??

This is how a dog looks when you've returned to a room after being gone for about 3 minutes. He needs to iron his pants.

what a goofy doofy dog. but cute!

First prize is 50 pictures of Bassett hounds running. Second prize is 100 pictures of Bassett hounds running.

No slo-mo video? Thank goodness. Luv 'em to pieces but dang if they don't look like canine cellulite-in-motion.

Who let the dog's (air) out?

My sister had two Bassets, Shady Lady and Big Boy. My crazy aunt claimed that the name would make Shady the "whore of the neighborhood".
Very good natured dogs with enough spare skin to keep you warm on Michigan nights.
Big Boy loved to lick and if you weren't careful when you leaned down to pet him, he'd "clean your tonsils".

New source of blog articles for Dave

Interesting link, wiredog. Especially the story about adult adoptions. I wonder if Rob and Sophie would like a much older sister.

That Basset site is freaking hilarious!!

A helicopter is defined as 'a bunch of spare parts flying in close formation.' I think you've found the canine equivalent!

Things I've learned this week: Basset hounds and Newton's Laws Of Motion are mortal enemies.

More fun than Heidi, the cross-eyed wonder weasal.

(As in "I wonder if she does anything besides being cross-eyed...)

Friendly, frisky, playful, outgoing, sweet, and slightly rumpled. That's exactly what I've been looking for in a man.

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