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June 26, 2011


Awkward Family Pet Photos


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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That schnazer looks like he feels very inadequate.

There are all sorts of interesting comments one could make about that gourd.
I won't, though. She might track me down and hit me with it.

My favorite is #10 with the pig.

cindy likes the snake and the baby. In fact, she's out hunting down the parents with her shotgun as we speak.

#25 looks more fun that a barrel.

Found them, Jeff! Anyone that would put a snake around a baby deserves to be shot.

Then there are the three musicians on the pillow to her right. The guy in the middle seems to be playing his horn a little low.

I thought we'd all learned our lesson about wardrobe malfunctions.

Is that a giant squash or are you just excited to see me ?

Walter, did you find the Viagra?

I kept looking at number 1 and trying to figure out which ones were the pets?

Lady Gaga at home

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