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June 27, 2011


Shark jumps surfer.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Holy buckets, that's crazy! Why didn't they interview the surfer? (or the shark?)

The Near Sighted Sharks WBAGNFARB

The headline would have been a lot different if I had been that surfer. It probably would have said something along the lines of, "Unconscious Woman Rescued After She Spots Jumping Shark".

I was floating on my back about 100 yards out when two fish jumped over me. They usually do that to escape something. Except for Mullet, who just jump.
The thought went through my mind, "Wonder what's under me right now?"
I went on floating.


Did the shark also jump a few babies?

Just because the Post says it was a shark doesn't mean it was. It could have been a dolphin.

Or a surfing cow.

Some sharks will do anything to get on television. Looked like he was waving at the camera...tsk, tsk.

Shark became a Jet.

*snork* and *snapping fingers* at Loudmouth.

Anyway, this is safer than being jumped by a Spanish clown.

Tibur-groan @ Loudmouth.

What was really weird is how the shark yelled "KOWABUNGA, DUDE!!!"

o/t but...
I think I've figured out what is wrong with our young peoples scores in American History. I went to the library today and was looking for a book on John Adams. Sandwiched in between all of the history books I found a copy of "Dave Barry Slept Here". It's listed as an American History book. back o/t

Wow, nc. They still have libraries?

1) Someone else sent this in last week, I think, but i can't find it! mea culpa.

2) Annie - hold still while i smack you!
-- judi, the former librarian (i go to mine at least once a week)

(psst, judi - nursecindy lives in North Carolina...that's why I was so stunned. I thought the Confederacy burned both books.)

Expect the creativity and popularity of sharks to drop down to nothing now that the shark-jump has happened.

Thank you, judi.

They tried to interview the surfer but he had to go change his shorts

All this talk of jumping the shark has gotten me in trouble a few times -- and I don't need the help.

You mean Dave's books aren't historically accurate?
Oh, "hysterically accurate".
Never mind.

I had no idea that George Washington threw a cherry bomb across the Potomac River, Steve.

ot> I fear for the continuation of our library services, because I am in love with my Kindle. /ot

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