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June 25, 2011


`I wrote songs in my sleep,` Barry Manilow reveals

(Thanks to Catherine)


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That does explain a lot.

I'm guessing he also came up with his hairdo the same way.

"I wrote this song to make the whole world cringe..."

I'm reminded of the time one of my daughters and I had an honest discussion of each others' taste in music.
Despite this, we still love each other.

The problem is, Manilow hardly ever sleeps. Look at that hair. If he did get more sleep, his songs would be better.

Also, is it true ManCow is a ManiLow offspring?

Come to think of it, "Copacabana" is like the worst nightmare you could ever have.

I've always wondered by he hasn't gotten married. Siouxie! I've found a guy for you!

How many gold albums do *you* all have?

Let's all count together....One? Do I hear a "One"?

In his sleep... ? That's ok. I just wish he'd never written any while he was on the john.

If that guy gets anymore "work" on himself, his entire head is going to implode.

It will be exhibited in the National Gallery o fArt.

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