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June 25, 2011


Mouse plague used for fundraiser

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Do you know how many mice it takes to make a good fur coat?

Back when I was a health inspector, people would ask me about rodent elimination without "poisons".
My favorite was a mix of corn meal, sugar, and dry mortar mix. It doesn't last for long because the mortar firms up if it gets moist.
Terminal constipation, in case you're wondering.
Cats and dogs don't seem to care for it.

Sounds like a great double bill, Steve:

Mouse Plague and Terminal Constipation, tonight!

How on earth would you use a whip on a mouse? I'm sure PETA will be chiming in on this very soon.

Slip them a mickey.

Disney is a major supporter.

$2 on Jerry in the 4th.

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