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June 13, 2011


...but alcohol may have been involved.

(Thanks to Ralph Kirshner)


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Did this guy have a Florida drivers license?

(But I did think the cop was over-reacting.)

Hey Ladies! I bet he's single!

Better watch out. He's a lawyer. He knows his rights.

The policeman was not over-reacting. When Doofus took his hands off of the trunk lid, he was resisting arrest. The officer had no choice but to restrain him. Yes, force was used, but it does not appear to have been excessive.

It's all a big misunderstanding. Invite 'em to the Rose Garden for a beer.

I suspect this was not Doofus' first interaction with that cop. He probably lost his license for DUI, and wasn't paying close attention to all the other laws he was breaking with that contraption. When the cop says "I don't have time for this" he's probably thinking about the paperwork involved with the arrest, storing the evidence, getting home late and missing the neighborhood beer party, etc.

One, that was one heck of a beer he was drinking. Fosters?
Two, I'd love to hear the Rights he thought were being violated.
Three, did he "borrow" all those carts or were they conveniently left around the parking lot for anyone who wants them?

That cop was mad! Probably because he didn't think of it first.

Wait'll he ends up pullin' a train in the slammer.

Sorry guys, that's a fake/promo (as if Opie & Anthony needed more publicity after Weinergate). Give credit to the true original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riWv4soQmmw

Whip On Weirdos.

The Opie and Anthony t-shirt was a dead giveaway.
They must have hired OMG from Paul and Ron.

Birds of a feather.

Thanks, JimmyP. The beer train was so freakin huge, I thought the video had be a prank.

I had to spoil their rants and let the YouToober commenters in on it.

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