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June 27, 2011


The Spanish Baby Jump.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Next trip, Dave: this and the running of the bulls.


So last year. Really it was.

Hey, as long as he doesn't land on the babies, I don't see the harm.

Replacing first sin with first trauma???

Hmmm. I'd hate to play the Devil in a place known for... The Spanish Inquisition.

Why is he dressed like a high school band leader?

Because he is a high school band leader.

I heard it was a new Olympic sport. Followed by the Toddler long jump.

Here, hold my beer while I......

Normally I would be against this however, yesterday there was a baby at Mass that screamed for the entire service. Perhaps it had heard of this and was afraid we were going to do the same.

cindy, you should have done what they do in Spain: drug the baby first.

Not that we would ever endorse such a thing, of course.

Jerry Lewis? Feeling better?

I hope his name is Evil Knievil

cindy, don't you have a wailing wall? Glass enclosure for church-goin' howlin' babies. Fun to watch them with the sound turned way down.

Annie -
We used to call those crying rooms.

Does this guy's flame cuffs make him jump higher over the babies?

The scene 30 years from now - a Psychiatrists' office:

Patient: "And I keep having this recurring dream about flaming crotches whizzing over my head..."

Doc: "Veeeery interesting..."

I'm late but, we do have crying rooms at my Church. However, some moms don't take their babies in there because those crying babies disturb them. I've thought about sitting in the crying room because sometimes it's a lot quieter than the Sanctuary.

Look at that Grandma on the far right. She doesn't like the idea either. And big *SNORK* @ Punkin, again!

And what is the guy kneeling in front of grandma photographing?

You didn't miss posting it; you just couldn't find it.


judi will of course be fired


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