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June 13, 2011


And we're guessing Lord Bath doesn't get much chance to talk, either.

(Thanks to Ralph K.)


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Lord Bath, 79,who has been described as the country’s most eccentric aristocrat,

That's pretty darn eccentric, given what the rest of them do..

Lord Bath was overheard to remark ‘You sort it out, I’m going to bed’.”

kinda wishy-washy, ain't he?

Seems like he's been through this before and just wanted to stay out of the catfight.

At least he doesn't tweet pictures of himself like a Member of the House

Before reading the article and just looking at the picture I thought the story was about a homeless person trying to get into someone's castle?

This is very admirable. The result of centuries of inbreeding is clearly trying to rectify the situation with as many different women as possible.

George Mitchell could sort it out.

"They might fancy each other?" Probably prefer each other over this royal *##.

Sandy, "You sort it out, I'm going to bed" is one of the great exit lines ever!

Apparently, his is a very desirable...estate.

I'm assuming they were fighting over who HAD to sleep with him.

Charlie Sheen wants to grow up to be Lord Bath (only he'll be Lord of the Bathtub).

It's good to be Lord Bath!
"Wifelets", indeed...

west coast guy - he could've said 'Take my wifelet, Please!',
but then he might've been Throwing the baby out with the, well, you know....

Lord Bath? Is there a Lord Shower? It all reminds me of that great SNL sketch featuring the Earl of Sandwich and Lord and Lady Douchebag.

Does anyone else here follow "Doonesbury"?

I'm thinking Zonker Harris, Esq.

As as for Mr. Bath? Once a Lord, always a Lord, but twice a Knight is enough.

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