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June 23, 2011


GUESTS at a corporate golf day say they were were "violated" by two female promotional models when they were "groped on the knackers" and "had (their) faces pushed on to the girls' breasts" at a Darwin golf course last week.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Methinks the complainers are short putters.

That this happens is news?!? Sadly, it never happens at my club.

I'd have complained, too. If their wives were to find out they didn't complain, they'd never hear the end of it.

One girl threaded a frangipani through her nipple ring and said 'take this'. I was extremely uncomfortable.

Well, sure. Would you want your frangipani threaded through a nipple ring?

I don't know what "knackers", "frangipani", or an "esky" are but I'm willing to learn.

I am going to need an official Aussie-English translation for "groped on the knackers" however, though I can make a pretty good guess.

esky-a cooler for beer. Or an eskimo.
You're welcome.

They must have been upset about the girls adding a few strokes to their game.

Nobody practiced with their putz?

How did the girls find the testicles in typical golf pants? Those things blind the unwary.

Maybe they were wearin' kilts, Steve.

I went to the wrong school, and the wrong golf course.

In the wrong country, wire.

You know, golf is all about the balls.

Wow. I'd almost be willing to take up golf just to play there! Pass the frangipani, please...

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