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June 10, 2011


Tonight this blog is flying across a major ocean to a completely foreign country, where this blog will be participating in a cultural-exchange program. So for the next two weeks blogging from this blog will be sporadic. It's possible that judi will pick up some of the slack, although she has her hands full.


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You be careful in France, Dave. Remember, the "Wave" looks just like their national pasttime.

Yes, have fun in Moldavia, which is of course named after you....a 'fungi.'

pssst to all readers...all links are BM free. Really.

Vaya con Dios, Dave. Be thankful that you're (not yore) not going to a country not across an ocean (IYKWIM).

so there is water on Mars?

Dave's going across an unnamed ocean. Snooki's in Italy. Coincidence? I think not.

Maybe he's not using the word "ocean" literally. Could be an ocean of indifference, irony, or even beer. That would get him to the other side of Miami.

Personally I think Dave is going to North Korea. Because it has been pointed out that it is the 2nd happiest place on earth.

Maybe he's going to China to rescue Jack Bauer on a reconnaisance mission.

Beer run?

Don't forget to write.


Perhaps Dave is going to Iceland.

Judi...The shirtless guy in the tub full of beer cans? What congressional district does he represent?

If Dave is in France, does he get to wear a Stilton Cheese (Look it up!) colored shirt?

No Dave's going to French city of Strasbourg for the running of the Great Hamsters of Alsace.

No, spam here is never good.

Happy weekend, everyone!

The late night blog bar is now open!!!!!

Now we have spammers trying to drive tourists away from Canada? WTFBBQ?

frederic1943 made me think of the obvious answer (something I've always wanted to do) of where Dave is heading: Pamplona.

Run fast, Dave!

Wait! It's a trick! MIAMI is a completely foreign country.....

Personally I think Dave is taking way too many trips and needs to stay home and take care of all of us slightly twisted blog readers.

Have a safe trip to Hialeah!

Because of the pic of Judi with her hands full, I know this blog is the only place I could count on readers getting this dumb but off-topic joke...

Remember the Three Dog Night song "Celebrate?" Here's an update:

Anthony's oosik...

Ok, long way to go for a lousy joke. here's a much better song parody on the same topic.

I agree with ofg. When Dave is away I have to do stuff like housework, laundry, eating, sleeping, etc.
I'm sure productivity goes up at several major companies too. This could be very bad for the economy, Dave. Judi if you need any kilted guy pictures just let me know.

SW, I enjoyed that.

Oh where, oh where has our Dave Barry gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
With his hair so perfect
And his Book Of Bad Songs,
Oh where, oh where can he be.

more pics of great looking guys, i say..
via con dios.

Haha...Love the pictures. I just discovered this blog and love your sense of humour. I will be back for more. :)

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