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June 25, 2011


Georgia woman calls 911 to report delivery of a wrong order from Chinese food restaurant

(Thanks to Sharon "The Minx" Lurie)
(And a bunch of other people while The Blog was in Spain
-- the s.b.)


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Wasn't this posted when Dave was away?

I see firings in the offing.

Happy Birthday, Meanie (wherever you are)!

Bet the next time she orders from that restaurant, she gets the "special sauce".
Back when I was with the health department, I found from one of our nurses who was married to a state trooper that we both gave false names when calling in a take-out order.

No egg drop soup for you!

Happy Birthday, Meanie!

I ordered food and they done bring the wrong food. Being a Georgia native let me be the first to say this is incorrect. It should read: I ordered food and they done brung the wrong food.
I've been wondering about Meanie's whereabouts. He's been blogging sporadically since the cast of Jersey Shore went to Italy. He live's in New Jersey. OMG! Meanie works on Jersey Shore!
Happy Birthday Meanie.

FELIZ BIRTHDAY, MEANIE!! Hope you have a superfabuloso one!

Fortune cookie: " Strangers in blue uniforms will break down your door. "

If delivering the wrong food is a crime, a certain pizzeria could be put a way for life.

What is the s.b.?

That could get a person banned from Hop Sing's Chinese Restaurant, for life.

What is the s.b.?

Minx, s.b. is our name for judi who I HOPE got a nice gift from Dave for her anniversary.

What does s.b. stand for?

I think it stands for Soul Brother.


just file it away in the file folder entitled "What Life Means" and get on with it.

You're welcome.

Supervises the Blog

Supervises the Blog?
Like a house-mother at a frat?

Dang it. Georgia again.

Pretty sure s.b. is "stealth bloggerette."

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