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June 25, 2011


Arrivederci, Snooki? Jersey Shore stars 'to be replaced by new cast to cut costs'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Mark Conway)


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Spinoffs? Plural?

*bangs head into wall, repeatedly*

...The new cast members are set to come 'a lot cheaper'...

I'm not sure how much "cheaper" that they can get.

"'The concept of our show is pretty much me and Jenni finding a house, living together and just being me and Jenni,' Snooki,..."
Reality, Morning. Morning, this is Reality.

A related news flash.

Isn't that how Snooki got started?

And Jeff, take some Aleve to relieve.

I'd never have guessed you were a head-banger!

*puts helmet on Jeff* If they really wanted to cut costs they could cancel the entire show. Snooki makes $100,000 per episode and that's how she dresses? Ralph, I read that article and I absolutely agree although I think you must already have some degree of dumbness to even think of watching Jersey Shore.

Replace the whole network.

Fresh rent-a-skanks.

I love Snookie's outfit, all decked out in fake leopard regalia, and a bag that says "Hello Kitty". Wish she would run into a real leopard, he could get a bag that says "Goodbye Snookie".

Snooki will fit in perfectly on The View.

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