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June 29, 2011


Drugs plot raid reveals old woman feeding rabbits with cannabis

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Rabbits were also ordering pizzas to be delivered and were hanging out at a local donut shop.

Key invented quote:
"As long as the credit card comes up as valid, I don't care what species orders the veggie special. I have a quota"

The rabbits really like it? Well, duh. Who doesn't?

And now the rabbits taste just...wonderful. Wow.
And they come in so many COLORS.

So this explains Bugs Bunny!

"What's up, Doc?"

Poor little bunnies.

Jump high little bunnies.


whoops. read that tooo fast. thought it said Rabbis.
i'm back from attending my neph's HS gradiation, and have no computer access whilst visiting the fambily in nyc. i gotta get a different fone or something.
i gots a lotta email to read.

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