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June 27, 2011


NZ's lost penguin gets endoscopy

(Thanks to Dan Barr)


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I've always thought penguins were smart. It's nice to see there are dummies in the animal kingdom.

Sorry ladies, but woodtv.com is a totally misleading URL.

Youch. Think about crapping sandpaper. Double youch.

Loudmouth: It's more like a sandblaster.

Yummmmmm, fish slurry.

"It's positive news, but he's definitely not out of the woods yet," Baker said.

Nor, it seems, are the woods out of him.

Endoscopy was narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

New Zealand, as a nation, is breathless about Happy Feet. Media are on it 24/7. Dave, they are so after your Pulitzer.

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