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June 24, 2011


The sign was apparently hacked, said Nancy Wood, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokeswoman.


(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Must be a government road project.

Right, she wouldn't want anyone to think a drunk Kentucky road crew could have done this.

Georgia, I-75 on a Sunday in the early 90s. We ran into a lane closure that brought the interstate down to one lane. For ten miles. Long, slow miles.
At the end of that distance was a single truck with two workers painting one side of an overpass.
I'd have been more than glad to transform them into zombies.
(And...cue the traffic congestion stories. In one, two,..."

Steve, I've never understood why they shut down two lanes and then when you get to the actual work area there are two men actually working while another 5 are standing around talking to each other. Also if anyone on the blog was in my town yesterday, in a gray car with Tennessee license plates, and decided to stop in the middle of a turn into the grocery store to talk on their cellphone it was ME that laid on the horn and called you a hillbilly. You had FOUR lanes of traffic backed up on the highway and I think the people in the car behind me were re-loading their guns.

NC, don't you wish you had time to get out of your car, open their door, grab them by the throat and say, "I SAID, HANG UP AND DRIVE!" But then you'd be killed, and we'd all be sad... but it would have been funny.

Have a look at this collection of Hacked Road Signs. One is obviously Photoshopped, and a couple others may be as well, but still good for a few giggles.

A few days back the guy in front of me stopped in the middle of an intersection with a green light to make a left turn. I honked, and he flipped me off like I was out of line. I knew he was from out of town because he did put on his turn signal.

Captain Obvious sign

Loved the road signs, Richard. Martini Shark did you reciprocate the gesture?


And if anyone wants to join in the fun, here's your guide, right on time.

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