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June 23, 2011


35 pounds of vomit found in bag outside store

We're pretty sure we saw 35 Pounds of Vomit open for the Sex Pistols.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and Bob Brogan)


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Somebody must have a sick elephant. Last time I had the flu, it felt like about that much came out, but, really, it was probably about a pint o' puke.

Apparently Human Vomit WBAGNFARB.

Taco Bell.
That's all.
Taco Bell.

I remember them. 35 Pound Bag of Vomit eventually shortened their name to just "Chicago"

"you can't really dust for vomit"

The Fall network TV schedule ?

Outside a Bed Bath and Beyond? I'm with Steve, I was assuming Taco Bell, maybe McDonalds.

Maybe it's a love offering.

Great. Now my mind won't rest until it answers the question: How many people would it take to puke up 35 POUNDS OF VOMIT ? ! ? ! ? Whoever did this, I don't believe he acted alone.

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