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June 26, 2011


PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — One of the participants in a mock Old West gun battle in South Dakota fired live ammunition instead of using blanks, wounding three tourists, authorities announced Friday.

(Thanks to Gregg in Austin)


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First to point out that it's not (as I first read it) "Land of Excrement" though that might be a fitting description for the state of their underwear!

I've never been to one of those reenactments. But if they start using live ammo, I'd consider it.
BTW, why does the person on the rooftop jump up and over the edge when he gets shot?
And why can Arnold run through what amounts to a circular firing squad, with Uzis, and kill the whole pack of twenty bad guys with a gun that couldn't hold more than ten bullets? And what do those bad guys have against all the flower pots on the steps? They seem to hit them just fine.


We've been to them, Steve, the OK Corral thing and one at the Grand Canyon train. I admit live ammo would hav made them a lot more interesting.

I've been to several of these and liked them.
Steve, he's the Terminator! That's why bullets don't faze him.

If I will what?

It's all just fun until Yul Brynner starts shooting live bullets.

What movie line ? " No fair, using real bullets. "

North by Northwest. James Mason, great bad guy.

Good movie, LeDud. My all time favorite western is The Shootist. I think it was the last movie for John Wayne who would never have been in a movie like Broke Back Mountain. If he had one of his lines would have been: "What you trying to do pilgrim?" followed by a lot of gunfire. I also love Blazing Saddles and can pretty much recite the entire movie by heart.

The most amazing part of this story is that there were three tourists in South Dakota. That's incredible.

Shoot out at the Oh, No Corral.

Cindy, if you haven't seen it yet you have to get a copy of True Grit. I love both of them.

Only three out of hundred injured? We had two out of eleven players hurt playing in a baseball tournament yesterday. The second one -- batted baseball to the shin -- was offered shoe polish so the bruise wouldn't show.

A parent/nurse intervened with ice and chewable pain meds. She took away the spackle and duct tape in the first aid kit.

Haven't been to the blog in a while, as we WERE IN HILL CITY, SD the day of the shooting---been traveling in the geezer bus. I swear, we had nothing to do with it.

Coconuts --
EsetRay ourYay PSGay unJay in aseCay

Key Veiled Quote
"It's a painful wound, so it's going to take a while to get back on my feet," she said. But she said she was relieved to know that the shooting wasn't done by some anonymous person in the audience. "I just wanted to know it was never going to happen again to anybody," she said.

Not you didn't, princess. It's painful .. REAL painful .. you want compensation and that's why you're glad it wasn't done by some anonymous person.



I have another question. Why, after Roy Rogers empties his six-gun, throws the gun at the departing bad guys? And given that he has umpteen extra bullets on the belt around his his waist, why doesn't he just re-load, and then continue to fire ineffectively at the escaping bad guys.

And finally, why on earth would he think that throwing his revolver at three departing horsemen would have any more effect than the fact that shooting at them ineffectively did't get the job done.

Enquiring minds need to know.

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