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June 24, 2011


Mr Singh, 65, has not bathed or cut his 6ft-long dreadlocks since 1974, shortly after he married.


Reminds us of college: Mr Singh spends his days tending cows in 47C heat, yet the only 'cleansing' he does allow himself is a 'fire bath' each evening, which involves smoking marijuana, praying to the Hindu Lord Shiva and dancing around a bonfire.

(Thanks to Catherine)


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Ewwww, too gross for me

Well you know what they say ladies, all the good ones are taken. Looks like maybe a few not so good?????????????????????

Behold the Ultimate Hippie.

116 degrees? How can he not at least jump in the river?
Reminds me of a private garbage collector who walked into my office (interior, no windows) on December 8, 1978. Made an impression. On the wall, which I bounced off of while trying to escape.
After he left, the nurses used two cans of Lysol to try to get rid of the stench.
I later met the guy's wife, who was very neat and clean. I have no idea how they worked that out.


Steve, the spammers are after you.

Dude, you're (not your) 65, you haven't bathed in 37 years and you still don't have a son.


he looks like a skinny version of that rent's too high dude who ran for governator of ny last yr. why is he soooo skinny - doesnt he get the munchies?

He has to sleep sometime and when he did I would cut his hair and throw his nasty body into a shower. THEN I would leave him.

I don't think so, queensbee. The mustache is the same, but the beard and everything else are different.

Jimmy McMillan, queensbee's candidate.

Did I miss something? Did it say WHY?

Look at the top left part of the photo - you can actually see the stink waves emanating from his body. (cue Brooklyn accent) -"The aura of horror."

I think the sweater is redundant.

That's a sweater? I thought that was his linty, dreadlocked body hair.

I hope he does not expect marital "relations".

That is one dirty, stinky mofo!

I bet he wears patchouli too.

Cindy, my sister caught her husband asleep, took scissors and cut off every chest hair he had. All seven of them.
He was crushed.

Ladies, he may be taken, once, but I bet he's allowed extra wives. Get your applications in soon.

Hair by Christof. Sweater and pants by L.L Bean. Feet by Nails and Faces.

Where are the boys from "Queer Eye" when you really need them?

This reminds me of an earlier column By Dave about the difference between women and men's thoughts about their attractiveness. Women tend to think they are disgusting with a single self-perceived flaw, men think they are nearly Don Johnson as long as they still have a few strands of hair to scrape across their otherwise shiny domes...

well, jimmy mcmillan wouldnt be my candidate, per se.
he's nuttier than a bag o bedbugs.
but then, there is no limit on nutty for politicians. as to this filthy dude.... ewww.

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