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June 25, 2011


Man found in lingerie and standing over goat is sent to mental hospital

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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I forget which Commandment that is: Thou Shalt Not Abuse Thy Neighbor's Goat (While Wearing Lingerie)


I think that is covethetheth thy neighbors farm animals/wife/servant/SUV. Exodus B52,6th Row

Ah, those "special" Saturday nights in town.

Did this happen when the Royals were here?

Which one was wearing the women's lingerie?

first, a lot of times comments are made about why there was not a picture. I for one am personally glad this did not have pictures. Second I have never heard of abusing bath salts? what did he do?, snort them, eat them, take too many baths? enquiring minds don't really want to know.

ofg, I recently read an article about how people are now snorting bath salts to get high. I don't understand it either. I'm also glad there were no pictures.

These are not the typical "bath salts" you get at the mall. These are designer drugs called "bath salts" because "dangerous designer drug" is off-putting.

Amazing, I learn something everyday. trouble is I forget ten things every day. Now what was I doing?

Must have been a really pretty goat.

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