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June 26, 2011


Incoherent man in swimsuit leads Pct. 3 deputies to large amounts of drugs, pot, weapons

(Thanks to Alex Sutton)


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Charlie Sheen?

I though he was in rehab. Or on tour.

I'm pretty sure I was incoherent after my appendectomy (Bad appendix! Bad!)
And I know I've been unspeakable after a little too much wine. Couldn't say a clear word.

Beat me to it, funny man, although I admit I thought this was a natural for a Nic Cage movie.

Steve, most people are incoherent after surgery. I had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome and they gave me Versed. It doesn't really put you to sleep. It just makes you not care about what is going on. Unfortunately I had a reaction and thought they were operating on me in the hallway of the hospital. I started crying and got mad at the surgeon. He ended up putting me to sleep to shut me up. Evidently I was making some not so nice remarks to him regarding his talents as a doctor. He still thinks it was the Versed.

The nice thing about Versed is that you don't remember anything. The bad thing for me is that I babble coherently. I evidently told a urologist I'd had better drugs. The surgeon who did my colonoscopy pretended he didn't remember what I said, but he answered the question too quickly. Two weeks ago I had an endoscopy, but I assume it's hard to talk with a tube down your gullet.

I don't know what this guy was on, so I'll blame it on the red swimsuit.

Incoherent Man is one of my favorite groups.

Dave? Dave's not here, man.

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