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June 23, 2011


Why Sex With Creatures from the Future Is a Bad Idea

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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So while we chemists are doing their job and curing AIDS, biologists are breeding time-traveling shrimp?

Won't stop a Real Man. Nothing kills Real Man sex except marriage.

Wasn't this a Nicolas Cage movie?

If not, can it be?

"...sort of like heading into modern war with 17th-century armor."

Cmparing sex to war. Interesting. Where is Sigmund when you need him?

Key blurb:

Have a question about the science of sex? Email Jen at popsci.thesexfiles@gmail.com.

Of course, Gmail will ignore the dot in the handle.

NOW they tell me.

Paco? Sometimes having sex with creatures from the past doesn't turn out so well either.

Peering up your Freudian slip, Annie.

They left out a key detail in the study identifying how many of the female brine shrimp smoked after sex.

EyeGore: None of them. Brine shrimp just cannot create enough friction.

I can't think about this today; I'll think about it tomorrow.


So, I guess this means I should not date men who are either younger than me nor older than me. This could present a problem.

It only shortens the female lifespan, though? This is not a deal breaker

I saw time-traveling shrimp open for 35 pounds of vomit back in 84.

For future reference, shrimp are not the best choice for sexual partners.

Oh, I don't know. I had a girlfriend once who wouldn't go more than 90 pounds, soaking wet and she...
Whoops, different kind of shrimp?

Some time-travelers it would be fine to have sex with,,, *S*

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