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June 17, 2011


Students at a California high school were asked to turn in their yearbooks after a photo was discovered inside the memory book of two students possibly engaged in a sex act, authorities said Thursday.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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The photo involving a student and a teacher however was deemed acceptable.

we had a case in the area this year - someone doctored a girl's photo to make it look like she had a gold grille, and they had to pull back the year books. first they issued them by blanking out her picture... she was actually very gracious, but someone else was just mean. why would anybody do that!

Perfect post, judi!

suspect and victim are not the focus of the photo
Ummm Suspect? Victim? Really?

Why not just describe them as an 'amorous couple'?

Because we have solved all our other problems, right?

I hope someone includes or edits in new "photo-shopped" photos of the authorities who made
this "determination"....and photo-shopped with circus clowns, of course.

I mean, if you are gonna go for truth (and sanitized) in publication, go for it ALL THE WAY!!!

what i don't get is how the students who keep their yearbooks, produced and distributed BY THE SCHOOL, could be accused of possessing child porn. wouldn't that make the school liable? and seriously, a guy with his hand up a girl's skirt is hardly child porn; just look at any video featuring teen girls.

Ah, very attentive and effective shaperones..The dumbest most difficult thing I ever did was volunteer to put on junior high school dances for my kids. Had shaperones in the bathrooms, halls, under the bleachers. Still didn't stop all the activity.

Wanna stop kids from doing that at dances? Put a couple of old people out there gettin busy. It will turn them right off.

Siouxie told me.

judi, I'm actually pretty sure they could. It's no different than the students charged after receiving suggestive text messages.

so were the suspects fingered?

And yet they have no problem with encouraging cheerleaders to kick up their skirts.

Detectives were contacting students who haven't turned in yearbooks with a warning they could face a charge of possessing child porn.
If this is true couldn't the school be charged with selling and distributing child pornography? Watch out obs, I was a cheerleader in high school. A darn good one in fact.

wiredog hit my comment exactly... I don't think anything is served by loaded comments like 'suspect' and 'victim' when the odds are good that whatever was going on was consensual.

*pictures cindy in cheerleader outfit - slaps self*

Dear God. My alma mater (class of 1980). I'm so proud...

My youngest was a cheerleader at her high school. I went a game one night to watch her cheer. The Dance Team put on a show that was quite a show.
I felt like it verged on porn. And I am not a prude.
This was the same school where actual dances were prohibited because the administration thought dancing was too much like sex standing up.

Jeff: it couldn't have been consensual, legally, if one of them was under the age of consent.

Big Bare...Yogi sure picked a fine time to peek in Booboo's pic-a-nic basket.

I have to question the statement in the headline "possibly engaged in a sex act" if the school is not sure maybe they are not doing a very good job of teaching?

Guy hits a triple and they call in the feds? That's not right.

Agreed, if they were having sex and if one was underage that's another story, but they don't even seem sure something happened, let alone what.

Getting geezerish, but I remember the National Lampoon Yearbook edition.

They had the same problem in 2000 BC. Had to break ALL the yearbooks into pebbles and start again. Rotten teenagers.

I tried to turn my yearbook in after I saw some of the senior pictures.

In my jr. high yearbook, there was a column featuring what kids submitted as phrases that teachers were known for uttering repeatedly. Someone submitted that one particular gym teacher was known for saying "Jacket off." They printed it then physically cut out the offending line with a razor knife.

(The person who submitted it is now a prominent L.A politician and has been so for years.)

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