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June 24, 2011


Catch it.

(Thanks to Danny)


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Dilday? That's a guy's butt?
If you thought Dirk was homely on tv, you ain't seen nuthin'.

Nice @ss.

"You wanna see my tattoo?"
"Uh, no, man."

You're an ass, man!

I was enjoying this story until I saw the words "he got the tattoo", oops where was that back button,

Which Kardashian is this?

I have a feeling Danny has broken the blog. Cute butt. Stupid tattoo.

Even though I was rooting for Not the Heat the Mavs to win, I have to say...

What an ass.

Not in the good way.

Dumbass. Need I say more?

I'm betting he's single (or soon will be).

Do tattoo artists have no shame ?

I agree nice butt but why ruin it with a tattoo.

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