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June 28, 2011


A woman creates art by -- prepared to be amazed by a cutting-edge idea so innovative and brilliant that you will be shocked that nobody ever thought of it before -- getting naked.

WARNING: Video of naked cutting-edge art woman.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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She may have overcome her fear of abandoned buildings and subway tunnels. I hope (and I'm sure nursecindy will back me up here) her tetanus shots are up to date.

A round of antibiotics probably wouldn't hurt either, Jeff. What 'art experts' think this is unusual or artistic? You NEVER saw Michelangelo or Da Vinci doing stuff like this.

Are you saying this isn't unusual? Where in NC do you live that this is normal, and do they need middle aged overweight computer programmers?

"I don't know much about art, I just know what I don't like while I'm eating."

If you blog guys don't quit appreciating this art you're going to go blind. Wiredog, Asheville is a very artsy fartsy town. I live closer to Charlotte however.

How did you miss "Mudbath for Thick Skin"?


It's a much more accomplished work by the same artist.

A nude woman - vacant buildings - and one gratuitous "rooster shot" * - all the makings for an adult film

* (Do I get points for not saying "c0ck shot"?)

Mudbath for Thick Skin.

Great. A naked woman and bacon. We'll never see the blog guys again. Thanks Jeff.

Take One: Cher farewell tour archives video.

I've seen a naked woman. And as with Ron White, having seen one, I...pretty much want to see the rest.
This gets my seal of approval.
Except the rooster. What's with that?

Why are you surprised at seeing a cock in a movie with a naked woman?

if she does any posing in Australia, I am sure she will see a cock or two.

Good friend of Yoko's?

Arty! And also probably farty.

I wanted to send in the link about the death of the woman who sculpted butter into Elvis but didn't get a chance. Now that's art!


I wanted to see more of the rooster.

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