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June 13, 2011


This blog has landed in Spain, a beautiful country filled with friendly people, although not all of them have heads.


They have many traditional Spanish foods here, including the legendary "perritos calientes" (literally, "foods of Spain").


There's a lot of political activity here. Last night at 12:40 a.m. we were awakened by loud chanting coming from the street in front of our hotel. We went to the window and saw a demonstration, consisting of about 300 people, marching past. We have no idea what they were demonstrating for or against. Nor do we know who was supposed to be witnessing this demonstration, seeing as how there was hardly anybody else on the street at that hour. Maybe the demonstration was aimed at hotel guests. If so, we totally agree with (or oppose) whatever it was about.


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It was Mark Cuban leading the Mavericks fans in a diss of LeBron, Dave. Amazing they found you so fast.

Since I said "Pamplona" and you are in Spain, do I win the pool?

Hope you're having a great time.

Or perhaps it was the Anthony Weiner Fan Club meeting?

Nice picture Dave and a different color shirt. Tell us about a really good dish over there and give us the recipe that would be cool.

So Dave went to Spain and got a wiener?

I think Spain is preparing to "elect" a new government. Maybe Dave can run for Prime Minister.

Doesn't that mean Hot Pockets?

And now I'm hungry for some Perritos Calientes. That guy's costume in the first photo looks navy officer, is that what it was meant to be?

Because I am not awake enough to figure out the nuanced comments, I had to google "perritos calientes." Which is hot dogs in Spanish, or, as the blogits call them, "weiners."

More coffee....

why is walter dressed like an admiral?

We are assuming that this trip is tax deductable as Dave is writing about it here.

Dave, I have friends in Barcelona - if you see them, please say Hi for me.

Dave wrote a book?

So that's where the Headless Horseman's been hangin' out.

Dave, I have long lost relatives in España. IF you find them, tell them I want my inheritance. Gracias!

Just make sure the "perritos" are the Oscar Mayer kind and not the Ken-L-Ration kind.

i may have had relatives in espana before 1492. they may have all left by now.
nobody expects the spanish inquisition.
send more pics.

Caliente? In a month, it will be 119 up here near where I live. Top that, Spain!

Dave went all the way to Spain to get a hot dog? Don't they sell those in Miami? I've kind of sworn off perritos calientes for now. I had one loaded with onions and slaw WITH a side dish of onion rings the other night at about 9 pm. Thank goodness for antacids.

Nice "link" Jeff!

In Spain do they call foot long hot dogs, 30 cm perritos calientes?

Dave, stay away from the haggis appetizers, cause you don't want to be eating any Scotch tapas.

I know EXACTLY where he is, but I'm not saying for fear of blowing Dave's cover.* **

*also judi will kill me.

**unless he's at the Legoland version of it, then I'm totally wrong.

Had a similar thing happen to me a few blocks from there. We were in a cab, stuck in traffic because of a demonstration blocking our way. Lots of people shouting. Then we heard a shot and screaming. I think it was tear gas. We hit the floor of the cab, but I peeked and saw people running by with Communist flags. About then I started praying to Ernest Hemingway - "Papa, this is very hip and cool, but please let me live thru it, ok?"

Have fun, Dave!

Little dogs hot... That's not what I saw in the underwear photo!

I'm worried about Dave. He doesn't seem to have a shadow.

And here I thought Miami was Spain.

Did you bring your 9mm Miami translator with you?

I don't have friends in Barthelona but say hi anyway

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