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June 27, 2011


A guy turns a leaf blower and a lawn chair into a hovercraft.

(Thanks to Jeff Spotts)


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So what. I used eggs and $perm and made a HUMAN BEING.

(I didn't need the duct tape until the terrible twos)

Punkin, I didn't need the duct tape until they started turning into teenagers.

Wow, Punkin, you are quite the mom. I gave in to duct tape at about 5 months....my first kid was pretty speedy and he loved the fireplace.

That's right ladies. The inventor was a GUY.

And guess who 'invented' the guy? A gal. Neener!

I think there was a guy involved there, too, Annie.

I owned a small hovercraft for ten years when I lived on an island and needed to cross thin ice. They look like fun; in reality they are a pain to maintain and operate. They are noisy, hard to steer, and mine sprayed icewater in my face on the lake. If not operated properly, they are dangerous -- a few months ago, my old machine was involved in a fatal drowning when it flipped.

Duct tape is an absolute necessity for repairs. Of the owner.

Can we duct tape the spammer to can upside down hovercraft over icewater?

"Hey, Y'll, watch this!"
(Duct tapes spammer's keyboard).

Duct tape: Brings the dead back to life. (Is this what you mean, Ralph?)

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