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June 23, 2011


A Chattanooga man's body is being exhumed to remove dentures that belong to another man after a hospital employee mistakenly gave them to the wrong family.

(Thanks to Andrew Buckles and bandarr)


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Why not just make new dentures? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the old owner doesn't want 'em anymore.

They really, really wanted him to be able to talk with Jeebus but all he can do is mumble.

Apparently the old owner does want them back, Elon. Ick.

"The good news is, we got your dentures back, grandpa. The bad news? Well... ."

I would just let the dearly departed keep them. Come to think of it even if he wasn't dead I wouldn't want dentures that had been in someone else's mouth. Yuck!

Sounds like a grave situation.

It's the family of the dead guy that is making them dig him back up. Don't want to spend an eternity with a poor fitting set of dentures.

That bites.

nc-in my hometown bar (dive) many many many years ago I watched a drunk drop his dentures on the floor, rinse them off in his beer, let his drinking buddy try them on, then he put them back in his mouth.

Done told the little lady to make sure I am not buried with my dentures in. those things are so uncomfortable and I do not want to wear them that long. also would not be taking back the ones that got buried. Yuk, excuse me I gotta get the polident.

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