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June 10, 2011


Dad wants this.

(Thanks to Lani)

Update: Or Dad might want a Steam Pig.

(Thanks to bandarr)


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who dialed up the steamy pig?

If those items are out of your price range, I'm sure Dad would like the Vroominator.

I know I would.

We have a phone sex spammer? We don't care what dad wants he's getting a new tie.

in the U.S. the Hoverbike will be classed as an ultralite, which means that it will not require a pilot's license to be flown.
Oh great. It's gonna be raining idiots.

Yes, I want a hoverbike. I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

The hoverbike is awesome! Just watch out for those tricksy Ewoks...

wiredog shouldn't that be 'sharpest knife in the drawer'?

Can the steam pig be used as a type of grill ? If so I might be interested.

Pretty sure I'll let someone else test the hoverbike for a bit.
Flying was fun but landing was my weak point. It just seemed unnatural to be heading for the ground at 70+ mph.
A night landing at an unmanned valley airport in the mountains is a sphincter-clenching thrill.

Steve if you want a real thrill you should fly to Guam. The plane starts descending and when you look down nothing is there! Finally, right before the plane lands, you see the ground. In fact when we last flew there the pilot landed so suddenly it ruptured my brother's eardrum. My dad, a retired USAF Pilot went to the cockpit after the landing and told the pilot, with many naughty words, how he should have landed the plane.

Cindy, I'd love to go to some of the places you've been.
The reason I disliked the night landing was that I was the pilot and I don't trust myself very far.

I might be able to help with your fathers day gift... if you really want to give him the SteamPig. sorry for the delay in posting. thanks for the interest.

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