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June 26, 2011


Graehl homeowner offers to trade crutches for stolen moose rack

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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First to point out that 59" is quite an impressive rack.


If I was crippled and saw a 59 inch rack, I might be miraculously cured too.

"The Hades". Now, that's one hell of a name.

Because a rack, moose or otherwise, is so much more important than crutches.

"We think there was a driver involved as a crutch-using individual would have a challenging time walking with a 59-inch wide, 50-pound rack."

Thank you, Lt. Columbo.

Surely there were prints on the crutches?

Real police almost never look for prints in a theft. All they do is make out a report for you to file for insurance. I once had a motorcycle stolen from my yard that was in the impound lot by the time I reported it. They didn't even check. If I hadn't seen it through the fence a few days later, I would have never gotten it back.

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