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June 26, 2011


About halfway through the provincial diploma test a boy shouted, "Grad 2011," as he ran through the exam room naked, except for a rubber mask over his head.

After that, it was hard to concentrate, said student Aly Price.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Which head?

So that is what Weiner has been up to lately.

When the girlfriend told him to put a rubber on,
he misunderstood.

Then she used the pepper spray.

Why, oh why, do people have a compulsion to show off their shortcomings?

Like Aly Price's mind wasn't a total blank before this? Like, I'm sure.

At first I read that as "a rubber band" over his head. Which would hurt, iykwim. I need some new glasses.

Depends on how big the rubber band is, and how small his head (IYKWIM).

Better living through chemistry.

I had no idea they made rubbers that big.

Me and my other friend that was writing her chem too, like we both, like our minds went totally blank after that.

Next up - English final

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