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June 17, 2011


Portland draining reservoir after man urinates in it

(Thanks to dave e., jon harris, and Bob Brogan)


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Partially draining the reservoir because someone peed in it? Like this was the first time?

And then there was the duck: Maybe the resevoir authorites diaper their ducks?

Portland is really, really proud of our pristine Bull Run water. The Water Bureau regularly requests exceptions from federal rules because implementing them would result in less pure water.

Now that I live in Chicago, I'm proud that I receive a lifetime supply of heavy metals every year from the water faucet.

I know now where I want part of my cremains scattered -- although someone will have to split them with the koi pond at the Japanese Gardens.

So the midwest flooding is because of Portland urine?

I'd have thought the Army corp of engineers was smarter, and more snaitary, than that.



I saw this guy on the news this morning. He said he would pay for the damages except he has no job and no money. He did offer to do community service though. I say to give him a brush and a couple thousand gallons of bleach. He did say he was sorry.

Exactly, Cheesewiz. Just because this is the first time they caught somebody draining the lizard they are draining the reservoir?

You know what fish do in the water?
Just about everything.

Can't they just sell it to the Coors people?

Urine trouble now.

"Can we assume alcohol was involved?"

Yes - in that decision making meeting. Holy moly Oregon, getcherself a filtration system!!

Here in AZ where we're enduring a drought that has lasted more than 10 years, we'd be happy to take that water - hell, we'd be happy to take the guy's pee by itself. Portlanders are the real fruits and nuts - they make Californians look sane and sober.

Maybe it was a very small reservoir... or a very large bladder.

Having to pee could be your innate behavior.

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