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June 12, 2011


Go HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!


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Judi admits to being in heat.

With global warming, no problem.

Substitute "Lakers" for "Heat", and this all makes sense :)

So sorry for your loss...

*sings "We Are The Champions"*

aw crud.....

Sorry judi et al. I like Dwayne Wade WAYYYYY better than Mark Cuban. Next year, the Heat AND the Cubs.

Next year, The 16x World NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers will, naturally, win yet another championship under their new head coach. They are due! :)

All we need is one more NBA ring to tie with the Celtics, as the Best Team that Ever Was.

Sorry, Judi!

Next year the Cubs Padraig? THIS year and NEXT year the Cubs!

They're going...they're going!

Go. Heat. Go.

Oooh, jeez, sorry. Better luck next time. ;)

I was kinda rooting for the Heat, since Cuban is a genome-challenged tool.

LAKERZZZZZ! (as soon as they find a decent coach and learn not to blame their shortcomings on their wives & girlfriends)

Well as a hockey fan I'm just glad that basketball is over so that tomorrow when I turn on sports radio they won't be talking about The Heat instead of the Stanley Cup finals -- they'll be talking about the upcoming lacrosse amateur draft instead of the Stanley Cup finals.

MS - it's named "Stanley." Most of the guys are toothless Canucks. It's June, dammit. Hang up your skates. The ice has MELTED.

Sorry Annie, I just prefer men's sports.

Old School Mavs -- 1
MIA Whiner Boys -- 0

Old School Mavs -- 1
MIA Whiner Boys -- 0

I admire LeBron for his honesty and backing up what he predicted
When LeBron James was asked if he came to Miami to win a championship, he responded with the following, "Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven."

All the fans in Ohio and Toronto are having a good laugh at Lebron James and Chris Bosch today. We aren't laughing at Miami or the Heat. The two free agents really crossed the line when they left. They never put out and played consistently when they were here and then made a big show about leaving a "loser" to go start a new basketball legend. We know that free agents leave, just don't diss the old team when you leave, particularly if you didn't try very hard to win when you were here. We hope that your world size egos are a bit smaller today. Real winners have class and Lebron and Bosch, you don't.

Well since I am from DFW I am glad the Mavs won but I am not a big basketball fan. If they would raise the basket about twenty feet and double the size of the court it might be fun to watch. Just sayin

Haters, all of youse!! ;PPPPPP

I congratulate the HEAT for being Eastern Conference Champs!!

When's foolsball start again??

My wife is at our Florida home right now. She reports the Heat must have worked because the state seems to be on fire. Lots of smoke.

al: i can understand the anger at the way lebron left cleveland, but i really have to object to the "they didn't try very hard when they were here" comment. that's just not very realistic. obviously many factors have to work together for things to happen. do you think nowitzki didn't work very hard last night 'cause he didn't get a lot of points? he sure looked like he was working pretty hard to me, even though he was not as successful as he usually is. though i guess from your couch, "working pretty hard" is relative. :)
also: the Mavs had Acoustix ;) and dallas is home to one of the best barbershop choruses in the world, so i'm happy that they're happy :)

Judi I can talk more about Bosch's time at Toronto than James, but I've heard it is a similar story from my Ohio friends. Bosch is a world class basketball player. He regularly got on the all star team. But for a lot of games, particularly clutch games when he was needed, he didn't show up. You don't go from 25 points one game to 4 the next when you're not injured. He actually got benched a few times because he played like a little kid having a temper tantrum. He would go into sulks and just dial it back, rather than running hard and trying for every game, not just when he thought it mattered to look good. I expect it from a three year old, not from a guy getting paid millions to show up and perform at the level that he can play at. He had some real maturity issues while with the Raptors. In some ways we were glad to see him go as he never really had his heart in the team. Having a super star is great but if they decide they want to play like a high school player, then they're just an over paid brat.

And just to be clear, I'm talking about how he played for the Raptors, not how he plays for the Heat now.

That may be the last NBA game for a long time...if they can't work out a labor agreement before the fall.

Being a Dallas-area guy, I'll come here to gloat for just a second...and repeat something I said on Facebook last night: You know--it's not just that the team that I've been cheering for since Day 1 won the championship...though that's cool. And it's not just that Dirk will finally get his ring...though that's cool too. What it really comes down to is that this championship was won by a true team that developed over a period of time, rather than the best collection of superstars that (they thought) money could buy.

If the Heat had won in that manner, other teams might have tried the same thing, and it would have been bad for the game. Let's hear it for true teamwork!

OK, I'm done... :-)

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