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June 13, 2011


We couldn't have said it better ourselves.


(Thanks to jon harris)


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woof moo
one eyed weiner dog baa
polly peck person
crabby cat claw

When the animals rise up to kill us all, this will be one of the exhibits in their case against us.

they will get us while we are sleeping...


not the first 'one-eyed weiner' dressed in sheeps clothing to hit the internet

That cat-as-lobster had a "I want to kill you" look. Look out for that feline.

Like I said on 9-11. Somebody is gonna have to die.

"Police are baffled by conflicting evidence suggesting that the attacker was both a cat and a lobster."

This deserves a bite to the cajones for the owner.

Eat More Chiken?

It's not just the lobstabby that's murderous, look at the eyes of the ferragon and the bumble-bird. The dogs just have a look of pity.

Some of the Fashion Week stuff this year actually looked worse.

Boy, that cat has "evil intent" written all ov...OK, all cats have evil intent, but he's going to pee on your socks AFTER he kills whoever did that.

That's the same look my cat gives me when his bowl is empty.

So true, Siouxie. My cat glares at me and meows until I fill her bowl up. If the glaring and meowing don't work she will smack me on the face with her paw. I'd hate to see what she would do if I attempted to dress her up.

Never trust a woof in sheep's clothing. Or a dog wearing cowmoflauge.

or a weiner's wiener

Notice that the dogs are all wee ones (ha! pun!) and not a German Shepherd in the bunch. Larger dogs would eat you before you got the second sleeve on...

When I was little, I used to put my t-shirts on the dog. He was part german shepherd. And very patient.

Actually there is a german shepherd on that page. Fourth dog down, dressed as a tiger, and sideways.

Your welcome iphone repair parts (Or a tabby preparing to strike....)

To iphone repair parts: Take your comment SPAM and go to hell.

This is a Boston, and she is a real sweety, I can can tell.

lol i like te cat commment from nursecindy LOL so funny and the 1 from siouxie XD simals do the darnest things eh?

i meant 2 put animals not simals LOL XD

thats the same face my mom gave me when i got a detention in school XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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