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June 17, 2011


Dentist tried to convert patients in the chair to Christianity

(BlameThanks to Allen at Division)


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yeah, drill THIS, whacko.

"As if dentists aren't scary enough already?" Are you saying Christianity is scary?

It does involve both vampirism and cannibalism by proxy. ;)

Fred, if you read the article, he tried to exorcize a patient. Besides, sharp object + Christianity = Spanish Inquisition.

I thought the Spanish Inquisition (which nobody expects) used soft cushions and comfy chairs.

I had a dentist ask me out while I was in the chair. I figured if I said no, he'd mess up my teeth.

He no longer works there. And yes, I got to mulch my roses again. Bwa-ha-haaaa!

'The Tooth will set you free'!

fred: it is if you're not a practitioner.

^5's sandy.

"It's ok, ma'am. I'm a doctor Christian."

He must be a Seventh Day Ad-dentist.

or a Holy Molar.


I'm a Christian and it pains me to see people like this forcing their beliefs on others. I have to wonder about his sanity for saying a schizophrenic is possessed. (Although back during the Biblical times this was the popular opinion) He should have just told the tattooed lady she looked stupid. I had a neighbor, who was a Baptist preacher, ask me once if we still did animal sacrifices at Mass. I told him no but occasionally we did like to roast a good Baptist and invited him to Church. To my utter shock he declined.

Inspired by Jack Nicholson's, "Oh, God! Oh, God," no doubt.

must have been humming that 'be a dentist' song from Little shop of horrors. steve martin was great in that.

I'm with you there, NC, there's a difference between sharing faith and forcing it on someone. Even with my own kids, though I made sure they know what I believe, as they got old enough to understand I emphasized that they would ultimately have to decide for themselves, and that it is far more important that they be honest with themselves than to agree with me.

It must be fun to be a dentist. You can say whatever you want to someone, and all they can say back is "Ammemmurrgh."

"There are no atheists in foxholes dentists' chairs."

Elon - "Amennnnnrgh" to that.

What's next, timeshare sales during a colonoscopy?

"Local Dentistry" Stop in today for a teeth cleaning and get your soul saved as an added convenience...don't worry, the gas will help.

>>What's next, timeshare sales during a colonoscopy?<<

That would be no worse than watching a Kevin Costner movie.


Couldn't agree more on the KC movies.

The Dalai Lama (whom I met years and years ago when I was an undergrad. Tiny little dude with a high squeaky voice, but he positively radiated an aura of joy) walks into a pizza joint, and asks the owner if he can make him one with everything.

And, good one, Sandy!

Dentistry is depressing. They're always looking down in the mouth.

I gave blood a few days ago. the guy waited till the needle was in my arm and draining my blood to tell me his political views, which he knows are opposite mine. pretty bad, but not as bad as the dentist trying to convert someone. my guy just wanted to argue, although, I suppose he was hoping to convert me to his way of thinking, which was not happening. on the plus side, I think filling the pint bag happened more quickly than usual...

I have to chime in with a couple of others. It is one thing to witness to someone who is open and wants information. It is not right to get someone in a position like that and then try to intimidate them into believing. I am a Christian and will talk to anyone anytime but you will never catch me forcing someone to listen to me. (puts up soap box and looks forward to weekend)

Know why Baptists won't make love standing up?

They're afraid if they got caught, someone might think they were dancing.

My wife's family is fundamentalist christian and I am a looong term agnostic.
My MIL firmly believes in constant guidance (read: nagging). She told my wife that she was failing as a wife and a christian if she (my wife) weren't constantly on me to convert and go to church.
My wife told me about that.
I told my wife to tell her mother, truthfully, that if my she were to start that, I would leave her. We've been together over 40 years, but I'll only put up with so much. Same with her.
Big conflict between religious duties.
No one should preach at the unwilling.

If you want to see someone go from atheist to believer quickly, be present when they're told a family member needs surgery and may not make live through it. Unfortunately I've seen this a lot. I have friends of many different faiths and have never tried to convert them to my way of thinking. I've also never told anyone who is not a Christian or a Catholic they were going to heck because they didn't share my beliefs. Too many Christians forget the verse in the Bible that says "Judge not lest ye be judged". There's also another one in there that asks "why worry about a speck in your neighbor's eye when you have a log in your own?" That probably isn't word for word how it's written but I try to live by that rule. Steve, you may want to mention that one to your mil. It's Matthew 7:3.

Like in Marathon Man, but this time the question is, and asked aud nauseum, is

"What would Jesus DO?"

Wrong answers are very painful.

funny man: Is it safe?

Cindy, it wouldn't do any good. My wife's sister keeps telling my kids that I'm bound for hell because I don't go to their Church of Christ. Of course, all the other "christians" are, too.
No matter how often she tells them they're wrong, they are stubborn cusses.
Funny thing is, her probable future son-in-law is my spiritual twin but she refuses to make any judgement about him.
Oh, she says she's not making judgements, god is.
I love people who are god's personal spokespersons.

I agree, Steve. Living in the Bible Belt I cannot tell you how many people try to convert me to the Baptist religion. I had one guy rave for 30 mins. on how bad the pope's used to be. I heard a lot about the Crusades. A lot of them assume we all go to Mass to watch the priests molest children. The Priests I know will barely even talk to children anymore, and are NEVER alone with them, out of fear of being accused of something.

Cindy, my sister is nominally Catholic, so I think I've heard most of them. She converted when she married (and my father, a Baptist, just about disowned her). Her husband died 26 years ago, six months after our father died. I guess the conversion didn't take all that well.

The scariest thing about hat whole article is the tatttoos. (scars)

"That" whole article.

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