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June 25, 2011


The notice explained: "Yi Ci, majoring in motion pictures studies, is collecting any old underwear for her graduation work exhibition. Hope you can donate your old underwear in the box in the public bathroom. Your kind actions will make a great art work. Please join me!"

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Majoring in motion picture studies"?

What, she goes to the movies instead of class and then expects her neighbors to help her out with their old thongs?

Sounds like college to me.

Didn't Collection of Knickers open for Rod Stewart?

Will said artist take old Depends?

Jeff, Looks like we are the only ones awake at this hour.

I wonder how many granny panties they got?

OK, who was in such a hurry to donate, she left skid marks? On the floor. On the floor.
What did you think I meant?

The Thong Dynasty?

I thought it might have been Yu Cee, in Nanking, who is collecting old films to turn into underwear.

Her husband, Rikki, was heard to explain (translated):
Yu Cee, you have soome 'splaining to do!!

(sorry, best I can do this morning.)

i'm having a problem trying to clear the image of piles of soiled whatevers getting sent to this woman.... gotta becareful what you ask for...........

Woo Flung Poo is her thesis supervisor.

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